Why Prexion CBCT Can be the Right Choice for Your Practice ?

With over 15 years of experience in 3D image reconstruction processing and software visualization, Prexion offers a number of CBCT machines that can help growing practices get the biggest bang for their buck.

There are a number of key factors involved in the selection and purchase of a CBCT machine to ensure that it will be the right fit for dental practices. Given that not all machines are the same, there is a need to evaluate each factor in the context of your own practice needs or even financial position.

In an interview on the Dental Economics website, the Prexion team discussed some of the features on the new Prexion Exelsior CBCT that dental practices can leverage, which include :

 1. Smallest Focal Point

This allows users to reconstruct the CBCT 3-D image with incredibly sharp clarity.  The new Excelsior CBCT couples the smallest focal spot (0.3 mm) with the following: a voxel size of 0.1–0.2, 1024 volume size, 360° gantry rotation, and advancements in our software.

2. Software integration

The Prexion software flawlessly integrates into networks without any specialized hardware. The Prexion3D Viewer can be installed on any Windows PC on the network, allowing scans to be viewed from any computer.

These features enable a seamless integration from purchase, installation and use.

Buying a new CBCT machine is a serious investment. However, there is another option that dental practice owners are leveraging in order to scale their practices. Acquiring a recertified CBCT is an affordable way of adding new technology to a fast-growing practice. 

Recertified Prexion CBCT

Prexion produces a number of high quality CBCT machines that dentists are leveraging in their practices. However, recertified CBCT x-rays are an affordable option. These can cater to both emerging single dental practices or established group practices. 

There are a number of options to choose from if you are considering a recertified CBCT x-ray and you can start your search from the x-rays listed below.

PreXion Eclipse XP77 3D CBCT

Ideal for dental offices that want to perform in-office surgical implant procedures, the PreXion3D Eclipse also excels at 3D imaging for diagnosis in general dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics, and endodontics, along with planning in oral-maxillofacial surgery. The XP77 comes with a warranty, and includes a monitor, keyboard, mouse and imaging software.

PreXion Elite XP68 3D CBCT

The advanced technology allows for greater functionality and provides you with excellent tools for diagnosing clinical criteria with higher levels of accuracy. The XP68 allows faster scan times with high image resolution and seamless workflow. The XP68 comes with a warranty, and includes a monitor, keyboard, mouse and imaging software.

PreXion XP77 3D CBCT Pan/Ceph

The PreXion Eclipse XP77 2D+3D+CBCT Pan and Ceph 11×7 comes with a warranty, and includes a monitor, keyboard, mouse and imaging software. The Prexion 3D offeres 2 fields of view and 4 scanning modes for precise diagnoses.

With Prexion, elegance meets precision and efficiency, that is what you can expect.