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How to keep your dental team motivated

April 09, 2021 By admin In Uncategorized
Motivation is what keeps the mill moving. Your team needs to stay motivated at all times to ensure productivity and efficiency. Push for teamwork always. Teamwork makes the dream work. It also gets the work done a lot faster. Understanding the dynamics of your teams helps you figure out your strengt...

Dental Safety protocols your dentistry needs to prioritize.

February 05, 2021 By admin In Uncategorized
Safety for any medical practitioner should stay apparent, and must be prioritized. Imagine being a patient and being in a dental practice that’s not clean, where the dentist isn’t sure if the equipment was sterilized. The worst right? Patient safety effort are aimed at preventing unintentional h...

Is Your Dental Equipment is Compliant?

February 05, 2021 By admin In Uncategorized
The General Dental Council is concerned that there is dental equipment available in the UK that is not compliant, because it is counterfeit. At one hearing in 2017, a dental professional admitted to attempting to buy counterfeit dental equipment online. This equipment was seized following two inspec...

A systemic approach to dentistry

December 22, 2020 By admin In Uncategorized
Many individuals take care of their teeth in a traditional manner. They brush twice a day, floss occasionally and visit a dentist for yearly checkups and repairs. If a dentist discovers a cavity it is filled, a dead root they have a root canal. Recently, an alternate approach to traditional dentistr...

Heron™ IOS Color Scanner

December 22, 2020 By admin In Uncategorized
Heron™ IOS is a new intraoral color scanner designed together with dentists to ensure a perfect fit into the modern dental practice. It is characterized by an exclusive ergonomic design and by being one of the lightest color scanners available. It boasts the most sought-after features for res...