Remote IT Support: How insourcing can keep your practice running

Your practice has many resources an elements to benefit from, insourcing being one of them.
Maintenance of your systems and equipment requires expert personnel. Here is why you should
insource your IT support:

Gain greater expertise
Dental practices looking to insource often do so because they are looking for a level of expertise
or capacity that is not readily available within their own organization.

Insourcing allows practices to access a wider pool of potential teams, because the search is
not limited by location. This means that instead of being restricted to a local pool of applicants,
you can extend your horizons – even globally if you choose. This means that the level of
expertise on offer will likely be higher than if you restricted the search to within a local radius.

Lower costs
This is the reason a large number of dental practices are insourcing IT. Going down the IT
insourcing route can definitely your practice a few pennies. It means that instead of bringing on
more staff in-house at a fixed cost you are employing contracted workers.

This removes the necessity for expensive training of employees and providing other employee
benefits such as insurance or sick pay. You can also hire on a per-project basis, meaning you
only pay contractors for the work completed, rather than tying your practice into a lengthy

Insourcing still offers an opportunity to reduce costs through offshoring. Additionally, it can
improve access to scarce skills at times of peak demand, for instance in cybersecurity.

Improved equipment and security
Insourced teams are focused on providing very specific areas of IT, and this means that they will
likely have the best quality and up-to-date equipment and software for this work. This can also

mean that the security standards are very high, given they have specialized equipment for this

Focus your business
Insourcing certain functions means that your core enterprise remains 'lean' and potentially more
focused, adaptable and agile. This means that your practice can really focus on their own
specialisms, and the practice can become an expert in delivering its services.

Free up internal resources
Insourcing means that internal resources are made available for different purposes, rather than
trying to accommodate many extra IT functions. In cases where all IT functions are operated in-
house, staff may end up dabbling in areas – such as IT or accounts – that they weren't specifically
brought on to do. This can end up sapping their capacity to help in areas where they can bring
more innovative potential.