How to keep your dental team motivated

Motivation is what keeps the mill moving. Your team needs to stay motivated at all times to ensure
productivity and efficiency.

Push for teamwork always.

Teamwork makes the dream work. It also gets the work done a lot faster. Understanding the
dynamics of your teams helps you figure out your strengths and weaknesses, which will help
you develop a team system that moves smoothly.
Your practice will experience bad days, and that should not be any reason for your team to
feel under the weather all the time. Helping your team find ways to improve and excel is a
great way to motivate them.
This helps your staff help one another and be empowered to getting out of any situation. This
creates a team that is able to work together and trust one another to work beyond normal

Provide them with the right tools.
Motivation goes beyond simple words. Having what you need to perform your tasks is a great
way to ensure that. Imagine being a dental technician without the correct and necessary
apparatus to use. Obviously work flow is slowed down and the team will feel unmotivated.

Communication is key.
Communication is the only way a team will understand each other fully. Essentially
communication allows for your team and you to lay bare pressing issue, find solutions and
work seamlessly.
Communicate your long-term plans and the direction you want your practice to take.
Welcome ideas and suggestions from team members. This makes them feel valued. And you
get a productive point of view that can help you take your practice down a more productive

Measure Performance

Any measure of performance is needed to know if you are being productive or not. Your staff
also needs to know whether they are doing a good job or not. A consistent measure means;

  • Employees get to know exactly where they need to improve and what they need to
    work on.
  • You as the employer get to see if your employee is performing well.
  • You can identify the weak links in your practice.
  • As a practice owner, you can innovate and improve workers' conditions to have better
  • Motivates a better work ethic and determination from the staff.

Be flexible.
Regardless of how innovative you are, there is always room for improvement. Running a
practice means you must be open to new ideas to innovate even further always. Incorporate
your team in decision making and enjoy a wider variety of ideas apart from your own.

Do not overwork your team.
As the practice gets in full swing practitioners tend to forgo breaks like lunch or general
knock off time. While working late once in a while is ok it shouldn’t become common. Is
time is not managed it will wear down your team and kill moral of the whole practice. Make
regular adjustments were needed to give your team plenty of rest.

Work should not be monotonous. Take the time to get to know your team members on a
personal level and get them to know you. Have your team get out of the practice at least once
a month for team building. It can be anything from a dinner, bowling or a trip to the spa. This
can have an impact on the motivation and productivity of team members.

Leadership dictates that you ensure that the zeal of your team members doesn’t die down. By
following the above steps, it means you have the best interest of your team and your practice
at heart.