Working Remotely During the Corona Virus Pandemic

The novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has rapidly changed the way global citizens live and work, with many employees now working remotely (from home).

Remote work situations vary for employees. Some stay alone and work in an empty house, in the same space as their roommates, or with spouses and children present. The coronavirus, however, has limited the options for remote workspaces to the home.

COVID-19 is a global pandemic, impacting countries, citizens and businesses around the world. Across the globe, citizens are being encouraged to practice social distancing and to avoid social gatherings of 10 or more individuals. Other countries have opted to close bars and restaurants, schools have closed, and many companies are allowing employees to work from home.

Remote work isn’t a familiar space for many workers, so this uncharted territory may be difficult to adapt to.

Remote working situations differ and making those environments conducive might prove to be difficult.

Are they any steps you and your team can take to make the situation bearable?

Yes, here are a few steps you can take:

1. Schedule chats with team members on the phone.

Today’s technology has allowed team members to stay connected seamlessly. You can use platforms such as Zoom and Zoho to host and join video conferences, share documents.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn help you stay in touch and give you a chance to be up to date with industry news as well as other relevant news.

Despite all these apps and platforms, sometimes loneliness might kick in.

You might want to hear a trusted colleague’s or employee’s voice rather than just messaging all the time. Share your phone number with your team members, but don’t call them randomly, especially when they might be busy.

Instead, schedule a time to chat with a team member, one on one, if you have a question or would like to discuss how things are going on their end.

2. Make the most of this time and plan.

During your work and increased downtime, consider possible ways to maximize the time, making it count for the future.

  • Pick up a project that you felt like you simply never had enough time for. You may have several items you’ve pushed to the side over time that are waiting for you to work on them. Focus on finally completing these side projects.
  • Make plans with colleagues for future initiatives you’d like to start up that could be big wins for your business. Maybe there’s a way your business can focus on a product the world needs right now and help produce it. If not, perhaps you can partner with a company working toward that goal and offer your support in achieving it.
  • If you recently canceled a planned event your company was helping put on or is no longer able to attend, consider what you can do in its absence to bring in an audience. Maybe you’ll start a podcast for your company. Here’s why: You would be able to reach hundreds of people all at once and share your message without ever having to travel or share the same space. You might also volunteer to host a webinar or host a Twitter chat. Brainstorm with your team to see what their ideas are, and welcome as much creativity and fun as possible.


  • Revisit your initial goals for the year. Some of these goals may be irrelevant now, but don’t let that get you down – plans are always subject to change. Update the document accordingly and create new goals to reach instead.
  • Always put the customer and their needs first. Return emails and take calls as they come.
  • If you have any difficulty working remotely, such as issues with your Wi-Fi, let your team know as soon as possible. Don’t leave them wondering where you went!
  • Great writers, artists, and creatives often isolate themselves to produce original works like books and music. You could take advantage of your increased free time after work for personal development, such as learning how to knit or play an instrument.

3. Stay at home.

Staying home doesn’t only protect you it protects the community; it avoids the virus from spreading like a domino effect. If you stay at home you are avoiding contracting the disease, thus saving your loved one and the community at large.

Stay at home if you work remotely. Do not go out to a party or take a trip down to the beach. Make coffee at home, and only go out for necessary items at pharmacies and grocery stores. It may seem annoying now, but it will mean everything to countless others and yourself.

A pandemic is a phase and if necessary, precautions are taken it will be over soon.

Don’t forget to wash your hands, cover your coughs and consult your doctor if you are not feeling too well.

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