Teledentistry: Adjusting the Way You Practice

With most of the world social distancing, you need to have an efficient way to communicate with your patients. Teledentistry has been around for years and you can use it to keep your practice. This article aims to explore how you can leverage teledentistry to keep your practice alive even in these trying times.

Teledentistry is not new to dental practices. In fact it has come highly recommended in a number of cases. It basically entails using electronic technology to communicate with your patients. This could be anything from social media to the basic telephone call.

With this in mind dentists will now be able to use their virtual platforms and teams to the fullest of their abilities. This will not only keep communication between you and your patients alive but it will also bring convenience to your patients. Some of the benefits of teledentistry are:

1. Improved dental hygiene

As physical visits to the dentists are almost at a hold this will be the perfect way to schedule appointments and keep the oral health of your patients at a good hygiene level. The use of social media tools like Zoom is very popular hence keeping your patient’s attention will not be a problem.

2. Save on more efficiency

Since patients will be attended to on an online platform, teledentistry will reduce the cost of oral healthcare. It also offers you the same efficiency when it comes to communicating with your patients.

3. Teledentistry 0ffer attractive innovation

Today’s patients need modern forms of communication. The more convenient and effective a product the more uptake it will have. Most doctor-patient communication is already on online platforms. Improving this communication to then include online dental session will surely be a plus for your practice.

4. Better access to dental care for patients

Teledentistry eliminates the need for a patient to spend a lot of time looking for a dentist that is close (who is never really close in such cases). Dentistry on an online platform means patients have better, easier access to dental service.

5. Keep your dental team engaged

Teledentistry sounds easy until you have a large number of patients all wanting your attention at once. Your entire practice needs to be involved all doing what they do best, managing patient scheduling and giving quality health care advice.

6.  Keep growing

As the efficiency of your new system increases so will the number of patients who will require this service. Anticipate a large uptake that will carry on after this time of working from home and curfews.

Teledentistry though initially overlooked is one of the many ways we recommend to keep your practice alive and in touch with your patients

Setting up a virtual platform for communication may need you to invest your time in consulting with good outsourcing firms. This since they literally survive on an online platform will help you use less to get more.

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