Managing A Virtual Team

Recruiting virtual team members is becoming a leading trend globally. Having team members that work remotely has become a favourable and cost-effective alternative. Developments in technology mean searching for talent is no longer restricted by geography.

Below are 3 strategies that can be applied to help a Virtual Team (VT) to be high performing and results-driven:
1) Frequent Meetings

Having frequent meetings with a VT helps to ensure each team member is on the same page and up to date with the tasks that need to be completed. Most high performing VT’s meet at least once a week via video conferencing. These meetings help members to discuss new ideas and receive feedback. Weekly meetings also ensure that no crucial tasks are overlooked.

   2) Technology 

A VT will fail to perform to its full potential when working remotely if it does not have the correct technology. High-speed Internet, communication technologies like Zoom and online collaboration software’s such as Zoho are must-have software’s that can help the team to collaborate and get work done together remotely.

    3) Celebrate Triumphs 

Even if a VT is in a different geographical location, celebrating good news and rewarding the team is an effective way to keep members motivated. Developing a culture of recognizing good performance energizes team members and propels them to go the extra mile to get the job done. Always recognize your VT team for a job well done.

Ruvarashe Florence Chirimuta works as a Marketing Coordinator for Global BP Solutions LLC at its BP Center in Zimbabwe. Global BP Solutions is a Christian based business with a desire to help businesses and ministries to be their very best while helping support people and ministries Globally.