Should your dental practice outsource its IT services?

In today’s dentistry, everything is connected to the internet. From patients’ data to your dental machinery, it all needs a well-structured and well-managed IT system. With a good IT system in place, there is a marked improvement in practice efficiency in your administrative and operational functions

How do you get this great IT system without breaking the bank or overwhelming your practice and team with new tech? Well, outsource your IT processes. We know what the first concern is, “Won’t that cost more?” the simple answer is no, cost-saving is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing. Let’s have a look at more of the advantages of outsourcing your dental practice IT.

What is outsourcing Dental practice IT?

In simple words outsourcing is the process of using a third-party company to complete certain tasks. This is common in industries where there’s either a shortage of labor for particular positions, where the cost of labor is too high or when businesses or dental practices want to save money (savings could be as much as 70% on payroll costs).

Outsourcing companies like Simba Support have dedicated teams that will ensure can handle all IT-related tasks like troubleshooting, maintenance, employee support, and even long-term planning.


What do you stand to benefit from IT Outsourcing?

HIPAA certified services

Dental practices are a part of the health care sector and as such, any element of their operations must adhere to strict regulations put in place by law. Key among these regulations are regulations out in place by HIPAA

When you partner with SimbaSupport you are getting a team that is HIPAA certified. In addition, Simba Support keeps its processes up-to-date ensuring that all your business processes are handled with the highest level of professionalism and confidence.


Responsive dental IT support

When we offer responsive dental IT support it means your practice’s IT functions are addressed as soon as they occur. Outsourcing your practice IT solutions offers you a dedicated, round-the-clock service that ensures practice efficiency. in the end, you have a good and seamless experience for the practice’s staff and patients


Up to date IT maintenance

Outsourced dental IT support means a never-ending monitoring system for your practice. Outsourcing companies like Simba Support dedicate themselves to the running of your IT systems making sure you never get any downtime.


Reduced overhead costs

This is one of the biggest reasons why most companies turn to outsource. When you outsource you have a skilled and dedicated team member at a fraction of your usual costs. When you outsource you save on;

  • Equipment (your outsourcing companies provides an up-to-date workstation)
  • Training (you choose from a wide selection of trained and experienced candidates)
  • Benefits
  • Fewer wage bills

Gain more time to diversify

Whether it is growing your practice, taking a vacation, elevating your team, or improving your knowledge base. Outsourcing gives you that extra time to diversify and grow. When you outsource you have all your redundant tasks taken care of, this leaves you with time to grow.

Outsourcing your Dental practice IT is key to making sure your practice runs at its very best. with more time and more disposable resourcing you can achieve your 5-year goals in a shorter period

SimbaSupport is a leading Texas-based outsourcing company that provides virtual assistants and administrative support for dental practices. Moreover, we provide both short and long-term virtual outsourcing services customized to suit your business process needs.