No Talent Required

University education, Masters’ degree, PhD, advanced certifications, more CE credits!

These are all great and valuable, but here are 10 things that will advance you FAR MORE than any degree or certification. They require no talent, only drive, determination and perseverance. Anyone can master them and be an employer’s DREAM!

You will gain the respect of your boss and the admiration (or despise) of your co-workers.

  • Be on time

One of my favorite lines. “If you’re on time your late, if your early you’re on time.”

  • Work Ethic

Lost along the way somehow. Win it back.

  • Effort

Tackle the issues. Better to ask forgiveness than permission.

  • Body Language

Worth a thousand words! You know what I mean!

  • Energy

There is good and bad. Be the Good stuff!

  • Attitude

If you are unsure, then you don’t have kids! Positive attitude = positive results.

  • Passion

I may not be the one with the biggest paycheck. Choose the one you have passion for!

  • Be Coachable

Turn off the “know-it-all” switch. Listen! We all can be better at everything we do.

  • Go the Extra Mile.

Stay late and finish the project, arrive early, do what it takes. Stand out among the crowd.

  • Be Prepared.*

Every day, especially the first day. Learn about the business, your boss, your work, the industry. Be ready!

J.W. Oliver is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner for based in Texas with a BP center in Africa. They are a Christian based business with a desire to help business and ministries be their very best while helping support others Globally.