Leveraging Recertified Dental CBCTs to Grow your Practice

As your dental practice grows, so will the need to add new equipment to improve efficiency and
productivity. Generally, you can expect to pay $50,000–$100,000 for a new small-to-midsize CBCT machine. However there a couple of options you can choose to acquire new equipment in your practice.

1. Pay Cash
This is a no-brainer, if you have the cash, you simply purchase an x-ray that fits your budget.

2. Financing
This in an option that a number of practice owners go for. You can go through traditional banks or
companies such as Global Imaging Resources. These companies work with finance houses to provide equipment to dentists at low-interest rates that can be paid over a number of months.

3.Buying recertified dental equipment
Growth comes with a lot of change, bigger practice space, new team members, and new equipment. One way of growing your production without breaking the bank is to implement new technology that will improve efficiency within your practices.
Buying recertified dental equipment is a strategy that practices are leveraging to improve efficiency while saving a lot of money. Refurbished dental equipment can also come with warranties that give you peace of mind after your purchase.

4.Why choose recertified dental x rays?
Whether you are doing dental implants, extractions, or endodontics, the data you get from a high-quality CBCT scan is invaluable. Recertification of dental equipment is done by trained technicians. They refurbish dental equipment from the ground up. This means that any faulty or worn parts are replaced and the machine is taken through a number of steps to ensure that it is working as good as new.
Furthermore, upon installation, your recertified CBCT gets recalibrated and tested on-site and your team can benefit from training.

5.Benefits of implementing X ray in your practice
Improved Care and Diagnostics – As highlighted above, x-rays allow the dentist to get more data related to the case they are treating. They get to view a patient’s teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding structures and tissues for the best treatment.
Increased accuracy – high-quality CBCT scans enables dentists to increase their accuracy when analyzing and reviewing cases.
Save money – This is one of the biggest benefits of buying recertified dental equipment. You can save a lot of money that you can re-invest in other areas of your practice such as outsourced dental insurance verification services.

6.Dental equipment trade-ins

Already have a 2D or 3D imaging machine in your practice that you’re looking to replace or upgrade?
Why not trade it in? This will enable you the implement new technology while getting fair market value for your old x ray. With Global Imaging Resources, you can trade-in your old machine and get financing for a new one. You can choose from a wide range of dental x rays that include major brands such as Prexion, Carestream and J Morita, Gendex, I Cat, and many more.
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