Insurance Verification After The Chaos

Hi, this is J W Oliver with the global impact we are super excited to have you back again as we work ourselves through this Covid-19 chaos as I like to call it. But it presents us with opportunities, there’s no doubt that we’re going to go through the time were your offices going to be reopening. You’re going to be experiencing a lot of pressure to build yourself back up on the cash flow, to get your patients back in, to get them comfortable coming in, to let them know exactly what you’re doing from sterilization and keeping your office in compliance

One of the things you don’t want to be working on is your insurance after the crisis because quite honestly many things are going to change when you come back to work.

It’s going to be super important that you start obtaining the eligibility that they currently have not what they had. Many things could change or their employment situation, job position or companies’ insurance as well.

That’s something we do at SupportDDs. We’ve got people who are trained and ready to go to do this insurance verification to help with insurance processing as well. What we want to do is give you solutions.

We’re calling this insurance after the crisis or as I like to say open sesame. There is an importance to obtaining this eligibility. One would-be, patients have been laid off or furloughed and some may have lost her insurance. So they may be coming back in, you are assuming that the last check they had coverage but they may not.

Insurance programs may have dropped some members and some employees may have been dropped by their employer, so whether they had individual insurance when they had a group policy to their company could be dropped.

Premiums may not have been paid by the employer. Even the employees may think they have the coverage and due to the economic crisis many times they may not have paid those premiums and they may have been put on hold or canceled for many reasons. Every insured paid patient needs verification of their benefits and each employer should have a complete benefit break down to what it covers.

These are things that are going to have to be done. And that’s what SupportDDS does. We can come alongside you, we can help you even if it’s a temporary situation for thirty days, sixty days, ninety days but we know that you’ll find our services so beneficial because again, we are providing you win that full-time person to work in your office. You get to know them.

You will be doing this at 25/30% of the total cost, That’s 75% savings.

What is it you’re going to do when you’re attaining eligibility?

You’re going to get the name of the insurance agents and reference number for the call. You’re going to ask for an effective date for that particular patient. You are going to need to determine things in a dental office for cleanings every six months to the day, 2 per year, etc and this will help you determine when they can have their next appointment for the routine cleanings or also their eligibility benefit.

I know tons of dental offices that are waiting to open. Their chomping at the beak, if you will, to get open. Once the practice opens their doors your team really needs to concentrate on patient care. Being able to handle the inflow of the business, getting the questions answered for them and so forth, your schedule becomes your priority and the routine tasks.

A checklist of eligibility can’t fall behind because you don’t want to find yourself not only behind but maybe doing work that’s not covered under the insurance.

This will allow your team the time and energy to focus on patients, lean on what the dental professionals need so they can assist them. That’s what we’re here for as Support DDS. The virtual employees are trained. They’re ready to go they are full time. It’s the same person working with you every day. You don’t get a rollover call like a lot of the companies may put you through so if you’re speaking to Angela, Angela is going to be working you every day.

These are not ones with a difficult accent. They sound like they have the queen’s English and actually they’re quite interesting and fun to talk to. You get them fulltime, they tap into your phone system. We can do that with your IP phone system so that they just become an extension. A lot of our customers actually have the phone at their desk so they can pick it up.

Right now through the end of the month of May, we are actually offering the first month free. No long term contracts.

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