7 Ways You Can Increase Your Dental Productivity

As a busy practice owner, you hardly notice how productivity is affecting your bottom line until numbers start falling. Cancellations, failed verifications and complaints usually open your eyes to the need of having a team that is on top of their respective tasks. As 2020 rolls on new trends in dentistry and dental practice management come into play, you and your team need to keep up-to-date so as to increase your dental productivity.

Dental Productivity is directly related to your bottom line and here’s how you can increase it in 7 simple steps.

  1. Hold regular meetings with your staff

Communication is key to increasing the productivity of any organization. Having regular meetings with your team helps you know your team. This gives them a platform to tell you what they need and any problems they are facing.

These meetings help also;

  • Update everybody on your progress towards achieving goals.
  • Share what each person is working on and any participation they need from the group.
  • Address issues or problems that have cropped up and changes or policies that should be made

Meetings also give the entire team an idea of the vision and direction that the practice intends to take. This means there is growth and the whole team will be working with clear targets.

These meetings can also be a platform for you to keep your dental team motivated and working at their very best.

  1. Measure performance

Any measure of performance is needed to know if you are being productive or not. Your staff also needs to know whether they are doing a good job or not. A consistent measure means;

  1. Employees get to know exactly where they need to improve and what they need to work on.
  2. You as the employer get to see if your employee is performing well.
  3. You can identify the weak links in your practice.
  4. As a practice owner, you can innovate and improve workers’ conditions to have better results.
  5. Motivates a better work ethic and determination from the staff.


  1. Provide them with the right tools

Motivation goes beyond simple words. Imagine assistants battling with glitch x-ray processing machines or a hygienist operating leaky machinery. This frustration will have any professional dreading the next patient that walks into the practice. Providing functional and up to date tech boost productivity in a big way.

  1. Keep your dental tech up-to-date

Procedures are not always scheduled and planned. Emergencies happen at any time as such you should be ready to do a procedure whenever required. Failing to offer emergency service because of equipment issues can cost you. This can be resolved by properly equipping all your examination rooms.

Dental tech is not limited to the examination room. Having up-to-date client services ensures an efficient and productive practice. Patient recalling, insurance verification, and scheduling all need to be handled quickly, professionally with little to no error.

  1. Keep learning new things

As a dentist, there are few things you can be taught anew but as a dental practice owner, the world is ever-changing. Trends in business practice management are changing. You and your team need to keep up-to-date with new policies and trends that govern the dental world.

You and your team need to need to keep educated. Seminars and conferences can assist with that. Another effective way to keep your practice in the know is engaging experienced affordable insourcing companies. This frees your time and helps you focus on bettering your practice even more.

  1. Improve billings collections

When collections are down it becomes almost impossible to invest in improving your business. Progressive endeavors like buying new equipment or systems take second place to follow-ups and debt collections, leaving your practice stagnant.

This means productivity is put on hold as you battle with financial fires. Always ensure patients have detailed information on your collection policies. All treatment should be done after confirmation from the patent that they agree to these policies.

  1. Improve your client scheduling

Many practices lose a large number of their production to no-shows and cancellations. These unexpected cancelations mean your practice is left with a dentist and staff with nothing to do and no revenue coming in. Confirmations before a procedure is an efficient way to make sure you have a filled calendar.

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