5 Tips for Creating A Winning Dental Practice

Having a well-synchronized team is important in running a successful practice. A team’s ability to work together, communicate, and handle patients have a huge impact on your bottom line. To have this level of efficiency and synergy in your team takes time and training. As such it is important to have the right candidate from the start who will be able to adapt and be incorporated into your winning team.

Our 5 tips will help you choose the best team member for your practice and revamp your current team.

1. Create Quality Advertisements

A clear and concise job advert is key to attracting the right candidate for your vacancy. Clearly outline the skills you need from your ideal candidate and what the job will need from them. Keep one thing in mind, you are not only looking for the ideal candidate on paper but also someone who will be part of a well-functioning team.

2. Highlight your philosophy and core values

Your core values are determined by the way you see your practice being run. This in turn is achieved by the type of team you have. Your hiring process should be a true reflection of this. A candidate needs to know exactly what they are “getting themselves into” and make an informed decision on whether to join your team or not. This is vital as a candidate with different beliefs or values will not mash with your current team and this could be disastrous in the near future.

3. Make a personal assessment, is this candidate a fit

Having synergy as earlier stated is vital in creating a working team. Candidates may be well equipped on paper but you need to assess their personality to find out if they are a fit for your practice as a whole. To help you get a feel of the candidate ask:

  • Why are we hiring?
  • What is the greatest value this role provides to team synergy and efficiency?
  • What impact does this role have on patients?
  • Who will the new person report to?
  • What training will be required?
  • is the candidate adapted to the instruments, computers, or other equipment they will be using?
  • how will you measure the success of the new position?
  • What are the terms of the position? Is it full time or part-time?

4. Take your time putting together a winning team

We all want the best team here and now. Our advice would be to take the time to come up with the best team for your practice. Haphazard hiring is a recipe for disaster. Even if it is to replace an employee at short notice take the time to go through the proper hiring process. consider a temporary placement setup as you look for your ideal candidate.

5. Make the candidates a winning team

It is one thing to have the right candidates that CAN be a winning team, it is another to actually have them BE a winning team. To achieve this you need to have a list of competencies you need against those that your current team possesses. Try looking for the following attributes in your team:

  • Competency: Your team should have members who excel in their respective fields.
  • Dependability: Team members should be maintaining a level of excellence in all they do from simple punctuality to the most technical of tasks.
  • adaptability: Your team should be flexible and able to learn new things on the go.
  • Particular: every team member should be able to pay attention to the most minute of detail.

6. Be innovative

Having the ideal team doesn’t always mean you need a number of individuals wondering around purposefully in your practice. In today’s world, you can have a well-tuned team with some of the most active members being on a virtual platform. Virtual team members are a great way to compliment your team with some of the most brilliant and skilled employees. The upside is you are getting trained and experienced personnel from anywhere in the world, keeping your hours at a fraction of your current payroll cost.


We cannot stress enough how creating a team is important for your practice. With this in mind take the time to know your current team, find out if you need to add more members or simply train the current ones. Your team will be the image your patients will see whenever they think of their dental visit make sure the image is one of organization and efficiency. put a smile on your patients before you better it in your chair.

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